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Artistic approach
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Artistic approach

of Felice Varini

« The architectural space, and all that constitutes it, is my field of action. These spaces have been and will remain the primary foundation of my painting.

In general, I travel the place by highlighting its architecture, materials, history, and functionality. After observing the different spatial data and with reference to the last piece I completed, I am able to define a point of view around which my intervention takes shape.

The point of view will function as a point of reading, that is, as a possible starting point for the approach of painting and space.

The painted form is coherent when the spectator is in a certain position. When it comes out of the point of view, the work meets the space which generates an infinite number viewpoints on the form.

It is therefore not through this first point that I see the work done; The latter is held in all the points of view,which the spectator may be able to witness.

Although I have a special relationship with architectural features that influence the form of the installation, mywork remains independent, no matter what structures I encounter.

I start from a real situation to build my painting. This reality is never altered, erased or modified; it interestsme and attracts me in all of its complexity. My practice isto work «here and now.

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